How to Make One Your Own
TO PURCHASE:  Check on our website to learn what puppies are available and when future litters may be coming available. Contact us to let us know if there is a puppy that you are interested to purchase or what  color and sex you might be interested in  for the future.  You may hold a place on the wait list for a puppy with a $200 non-refundable deposit.  The total cost of our puppies at this time is $2000 (plus GST which is required) for puppies sold as pets.  

FEATURES:  Puppies come to you vet inspected with their first set of shots and microchipped.  We also send along with them a towel with mother and litter mates scent, and some food to get you started.  Ongoingly we  are available in relationship for any questions that you might  have after you receive your new puppy.
WHICH PUPPY:  We ask you to share about the situation that the puppy will be going to in your home, then as the personality of the puppies develop we try to help match each puppy to their family taking into consideration its sex and appearance as well.  If you live nearby, you are welcome to make arrangements with us to come out to see the puppies.  This is usually best after they are six weeks old when they become a little more active.

WHERE: At times we have made arranged to meet families in  Edmonton or Calgary with their puppy, particularily in the winter months. We will also ship them to other cities, when that is possible with the airlines. It is best if you are able to come and pick up the puppy and have them fly with you. We now have puppies in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Yukon as well as many locally in Alberta Canada.
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